Saturday, May 30, 2009

pirate birds

imagine how excited i was when i read kate sutton's blog update in my google reader and saw she had posted this tutorial! SO FREAKIN' CUTE!!! i love her birds in eyepatches and want to print out her fun illustrated instructions and hang them up because they're just too cute.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

and we're back...

i apologize for the extended hiatus, but we were without cable (tv OR internet!) for was weird, one night i was sitting in the living room with no tv on, sewing a subversive cross stitch pattern (these are great), and complaining i didn't know what time it was since the cable box, and therefore its clock, were out. WOW.

(hope everyone had a great long weekend!)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

katie did

one of my favorite blogs to randomly peruse is katie did. it's like a pleasant surprise every time i check it because the mom who writes this blog makes the most WONDERFUL clothes for her daughters, i love everything! i can't even imagine how she balances making time for her family (they have a baby boy too) PLUS all the craftiness she does. i hope to someday make clothes this great for ME, everything is so cute. they're like jcrew and anthropologie and pure imagination rolled into 1 lovely garment. i am thinking i need to make myself a dress with a giant "vt" screenprinted on there...

(i found this blog through the purl beehive, where you can find even more great craft blogs showcased)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

elisa sent me this tee that was featured on shirt.woot! last week. how freakin' cute are these guys??? i couldn't figure out why the website was so familiar 'til i saw the packaging chi gave me [still] sitting out and remembered the really cute/sad kiwi tee he got me for my birthday was from the same shirt.woot! anyone can submit designs for consideration so be sure to check back since they have fun new tees up every week.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

cute friends on the news!!!

becca and bonnie were featured in a news story this evening on wcco for their innovative 2709 line and how they are addressing the need for functional and stylish clothes for biking, YAY!!! (you can also see elisa reenact her commute and do a "magical" clothes change for work ;) meanwhile, on the wcco website amber was credited for her fabulous pictures, and shalisha and elisa look fabulous IN amber's pictures! cheers all around!!!

to see the clip, go to the link below and the video will be located in the upper right. (wcco will not let me embed the video, sad)

clothes women can wear to bike and to work

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

lotta linen

how cute are these??? i love the color of linen, and these are even more eye-catching with that pop of bright white printed on them.

plus, i just love her cute round chickees.

Monday, May 4, 2009

ps. thanks vitamini!

vitamini was super nice and linked to my blog awhile back since i had posted their mini cooper tote bag on the craft swap beta inspiration board, so i just wanted to say a belated thanks!!! sadly, it looks like their cute tote bags are gone, but their stationery and prints are freakin' cute too, so you should definitely check them out :)

craft swap beta: project tote bag pictures!

made by maeve for dana. features matching covered buttons, pockets flaps, and patterned jersey lining.

made by dana for keegan. features hand embroidery, perfectly-placed interior pockets, and a sweet floral lining.

made by keegan for vân. features hand embellishment and embroidery, velvet ribbon trim, and vintage fabric lining.

made by vân for kara. features hand embroidery, water bottle and magazine pockets, and patterned dot lining.

made by kara for maeve. features hand seed-beading, hand embroidery, and a variety of different textured fabrics.

you probably didn't believe me when i said i was going to eventually post the tote bag pictures from craft swap beta...but surprise, here they are! (you just never know what will happen when you're friends with me ;)

everyone did an AMAZING job and it was fun to see how different everyone's fabric and embellishments were. the funny thing is that we had 2 distinct color stories going on unbknownst to each other: yellow and aqua. let it be known that these are 2 very important colors for spring 2009, so good job us for being so trendy.

to my cute friends, thanks again for being part of craft swap beta! xoxo.