Tuesday, April 22, 2014

lego design collection

 these giant lego storage containers seem to be everywhere lately. (and here in scandinavia, the most popular colors in peoples' homes are white and black, of course ;) i wasn't planning on getting any until i saw their design collection...MINT??? um, yes please. mix in turquoise, soft grey and oh, i don't know, WHITE, and oliver and i might have to go head to head to see who gets to play with them.

april fools

for april, our calendar had the only fictional animal of the bunch--the elusive jackalope! i learned that some of our european followers had never even heard of this creature, someone told me they thought we had just put antlers onto a bunny "just because" haha. since living abroad, it's been interesting learning how so many things that you feel are common, everyday "facts," are completely unknown to other cultures around the world.

widescreen desktop wallpaper (april)

standard desktop wallpaper (april)

ps. did anyone play any good april fools jokes on you? we told our email subscribers that maeve and i would no longer be collaborating together...as if! we are already planning our 2015 calendar, i am really excited. if you'd like to join our email list (and receive reminders about our monthly designs at the beginning of the month!) just let me know.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

wooden type puzzles

we have a couple janod puzzles (the zoo one and the alphabet one) and i really like how thick the wooden pieces are. i feel it's easier for a baby to hold the whole piece compared to a small knob on the traditional peg puzzles. though these pieces are probably too advanced for oliver right now on these wooden type puzzles, they are so much fun to look at and have such nice color schemes...i sort of want all three!