Friday, July 27, 2012


he came exactly on his due amazing feat as both his parents are infamous for being late.

we had names picked out and were planning on knowing instantly once we met him what he should be called. but we were too enamored by the amazingness that is a new baby and we delayed making a final decision. luckily for us in denmark they give you up to six months to name your child. every danish neighbor he met completely understood why he was nameless. so we took advantage of this cultural difference and spent the first few weeks just spending time with our little one, getting to know his personality and practiced saying names until one sounded just right.

so...with my favorite picture of him to accompany the news, we officially present OLIVER! the name fits both his looks and personality perfectly. his middle name is vietnamese and means happiness, optimism and positivity. a perfect name for our happy little baby bebo!