Sunday, May 15, 2011

spoonflower :: ice cream

last week's spoonflower contest was ice cream so OF COURSE i wanted to submit a cute pattern! i gave all my ice cream friends accessories (including one with feather flair to match me) and put them on a simple stripe background. it was fun to do since i always love to give inanimate objects personalities.

my friend allison always has amazing artwork with great details and patterned backgrounds PLUS she also loves working on creative projects outside of work so i have to thank her for the extra motivation! she also has a super cute submission under thislittlepiggy so feel free to vote for us :)

new cupcakes

i recently made some cupcakes that happily went over really well (probably because they contain over 5 sticks of butter...!) for the dirt topping i crushed teddy grahams instead of oreos thinking that i'd get all chocolate and no cream. i didn't realize how bad i'd feel crushing tons of smiling bears time i'll probably just use oreos ;)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

printerette press

my talented friend catherine left the corporate world not long ago to run her letterpress and design studio printerette press full time, and i couldn't be more proud of her!!! she is a fun and sweet person and amazing at designing beautiful stationery...i am so glad she is using her many skills to do what she loves. she knows i also have a great love for letterpress and has been helping me get reacquainted with running a printing press which has been so fun. (i took a class at the minnesota center for book arts last year which was fantastic) PLUS, she also worked with me on a top secret project which i will post about later :)

she is currently at the national stationery show in NYC at booth #1467 (which from the photo she posted looks super cute and amazing!) stop by and visit her if you're around and give her a big hug for me!

[photos from printerette]