Sunday, December 15, 2013


if you haven't already heard me screaming it from the rooftops, i am SOOO excited that my handmade bunnies are available at the adorable shop amelia. erin is just the sweetest IG mama friend, and i am so happy that not only does she love them but the first shipment sold out in only a week! i just sent another batch so you might still have a chance at snagging one before christmas. (otherwise make sure to peruse the site, there are so many fantastic gifts on there!)

thanks for all the bunny love, it really means so much!!! HUGS xx

ps. erin's IG pic has over 130 likes--i feel so social media popular! ;)

6 degrees [of postcards]

the current show at light grey art lab is the 6 degrees show, and i am fortunate to be one of the artists donning their gallery walls. the theme was to design a postcard showcasing where you live and sending 100 of them to LGAL to be redistributed to all artists involved, so that you have THE BEST MAIL DAY EVER when you get a giant pack of postcards from artists around the world! (photo via LGAL)

i styled my artwork to mimic minimalistic vintage scandinavian design and drew my color palette from the always lovely nyhavn. i wish i could be there in person to check it out, but to all my minneapolis friends, be sure to stop by--it'll be up until january 17th. (and feel free to show some copenhagen love by buying a print here tak!)

December...pop, fizz, clink!

how is december already half over??? only two weeks until the new year and 10 days until christmas??? [insert home alone face here]

maeve has designed a festive and celebratory december calendar for you this month! i hope you moseyed over to her blog already and downloaded it two weeks ago, but if you are behind on every possible to do like me, then high five to all you procrastinators out there! find all versions of december below, have some bubbly, watch fireworks and celebrate the holidays in style. cheers to the rest of 2013 and we can't wait to unveil our new calendar next month!

iphone 3GS/4

iphone 5

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

november calendar

it's november! depending where you are in the world, leaves are falling, rain is falling or possibly SNOW is falling (yes, you minnesota). this is my last design of the year for maeve's and my 2013 calendar, inspired by beautifully colored leaves falling from the sky. download your desired size below:

iphone 3GS/4

iphone 5

Thursday, October 31, 2013

happy halloween...?

photo taken two seconds after oliver "jumped" (he doesn't know how to get his feet off the ground yet ;) into my face resulting in a split lip and splitting headache (see what i did there?). it's ok, it's funny now, especially the part where we never really got a good picture in his costume this year, oops. if you can't tell, he was a happy lil cloud with ribbon rain and i made it with the intention of turning it into a pillow for his room afterwards. yay instant costume re-use!

hope everyone had a fun halloween eating all the sweet treats your heart desires! (i don't mind that halloween isn't celebrated in denmark but man, i really miss those mini candy bars)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

2014 calendar theme

maeve and i are excited to announce that our 2014 calendar collaboration theme will be...ANIMALS!!! i cannot wait to get started, animals are sooo much fun to draw. to help us out, please let us know your favorite animals, and fill out our short (seriously, SHORT) survey about what you liked or would love to see this year. PLUS, filling out the survey gives you a chance to win a lovely printed version of the 2014 calendar, and i heard the paper that maeve picked out is crazemazing! (if you'd like to see a summary of our 2013 calendar, click here) thanks everyone! xx

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

wool and the gang tartan

during the chilly winter months, my time spent knitting definitely increases. it's such a cozy and easy way to relax. i've always loved the chunky wool and the gang knitted projects but this season i'm really drawn to their tartan collection. someone pointed out my ravelry queue is quite long (it's not really a queue so much as a list of bookmarks) but i think i need to add a tartan project on there for this winter, the knitted designs turn out so fun!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

secret holiday

i LOVE this simple "it's ok" affirmation banner by secret holiday! i sort of wish i had a mini one at all times, what a fantastic reminder. she has other great banners too, see them all here.

it's october!

the year is flying by so fast, how is it already october??? to keep you cozy during these chilly weeks, make sure to download maeve's rich jewel-toned calendar! i love that this pattern reminds me a of a quilt, perfect to snuggle under with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book.

widescreen desktop calendar (october)

standard desktop calendar (october)

iphone 3GS/4

iphone 5

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

handlebar bike bag

have you seen this adorable handlebar bike bag by sideshow press? sooo cute! i sadly dislocated my kneecap last week so my bike is gathering dust right now, but wouldn't hanging this little bag on a stroller be fun too? (please say yes ;) available at amelia, check out the rest of her shop for more amazing goods! and check out the rest of sideshow press' website too--their branding is so great!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


there are so many adorable danish clothing brands for kids, and gro is no exception. ("gro" means "grow" in danish) the clothes are beautiful yet comfortable, made of wonderful materials like soft organic cotton and fine woven corduroy.

the autumn/winter collection is lovely in rich burgundy and royal blue with layers of greys, even adding in touches of cream and sea green for the girls. mixing knits with corduroy and soft cotton, your littles will be ready for walks in the cool air and jumping into piles of leaves. my favorite print is the badminton birdie, so cute. (and very appropriate since denmark has some of the top badminton players in the world!)

and if you live in copenhagen or esbjerg, you're in luck! gro is having lagersalgs (sample sales) in october, check this site for details.

this post is also guest-blogged at mini cph

Sunday, September 15, 2013

mini s'mores hand pies

no matter how full i am, i always want a little (or a lot) bit of sweetness after eating a meal. today is no exception...can anyone bring some of these drool-worthy mini s'mores hand pies to my doorstep???

Monday, September 9, 2013

mr printables alphabet pompoms

as if the animal pompoms were not already super adorable, how fun are these alphabet pompoms they've now posted on mr printables??? i am already trying to figure out the geometry of the non-symmetrical letters in my head so i can make pompom garlands galore!

ps. to all my danish class friends, you know "jeg elsker kage!"

Sunday, September 8, 2013

say hello to september

summer is sadly over, and copenhagen has the chilly weather to prove it. but autumn brings the fun of back to school (new school supplies and clothes??? yes, please!) and i designed this month's pattern to honor those stacks of books waiting to be sorted at your nearest library. feel free to download to your heart's content!

widescreen desktop calendar (september)

standard desktop calendar (september)

iphone 3GS/4

iphone 5

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

mr printables animal pompoms

have you seen the amazing website mr printables??? it's a fantastic, fun, happy, craft-filled site aimed at littles--but i might want to make everything posted on there myself! recently on the blog, they posted a tutorial on how to make adorable animal pompoms that are SO CUTE. i want to make a million and hang them all over our apt!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

royal copenhagen painting school

denmark is home to so many amazing home brands and royal copenhagen is one of their oldest. founded in 1775, they are most recognized for their iconic blue and white porcelain (though their colorful fluted mugs are very popular as well).

every summer they open up their beautiful upstairs studio to host a painting school, where you can recreate your very own hand-painted royal copenhagen piece. it was SO much fun! i love anything hands-on and it was just liberating to have space to make a mess. (though of course the goal is to make no mess, since it's so fancy...) their pieces are still hand-painted to this day, and takes months before you can be certified as meeting their standards. oh wait, you DON'T want your beautiful perfectly curved lines to have kinks in them...?

Friday, August 30, 2013


this year we took a summer holiday to the southern danish island of ærø and it was lovely!

the houses were colorful and cozy, lining cobblestone roads. the countryside and coastlines were beautiful and we saw farms and loppedmarkets (flea markets) selling antiques and fresh produce--often with honor system pricing! (everyone is very trusting)

we only went to the beach once and it was sooo windy and cold...but oliver is so acclimated to danish climate and loved going in the water, teeth chattering away. we ate amazing sea food (smoked oysters NOT from a can) and fresh baked goods, took bike rides and long walks, cooked food and baked cookies in the most charming tiny house, knit while watching movies, played board games while it might not have been the tropical island holiday i imagined it would be (no, i don't know why i thought an island in denmark would be tropical) but it was a REALLY nice holiday and i can't wait to go back someday!

Monday, August 5, 2013

mini rodini quilt

of course this sold out in mere minutes! mini rodini recently had a limited edition run of baby blankets upcycled from scrap fabric of their popular prints. i love that bunny print and have yet to find it in a second hand store here (though the search is part of the fun anyway :) this is such a great way to own their prints without having to hold onto old baby clothes. genius.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

big eyed baby

we are sooo lucky to have friends who spoil our little baby bebo even from afar. my bestie melissa (who keep in mind, JUST had her own little nugget a month ago) knit oliver the sweetest teddy bear (with monogrammed sweater!) and hedgehog and he immediately hugged them both, CUTE!!! he has been attached to that bear and toting it around everywhere, i might have to commission her for a back-up one soon! *wink* thanks for such sweet gifts, friend!

Friday, July 26, 2013

beaded headphone cords

i have been seeing people everywhere with beaded headphone cords and i finally looked up how to DIY and it's super easy! all you need are hama beads (or any brand of iron-on beads), scissors, and your headphones. tutorial at cut out + keep. (image via stars & sunshine)

Monday, July 8, 2013

red, white and fab

living in denmark i never really see red, white & blue anymore, but it will never stop reminding me of hot summer days (and nights), fireworks, bonfires and picnics! inspired by fresh-faced gingham (hey, a pattern can be fresh-faced) and picnic blankets, here is july's calendar, designed by moi. enjoy!

widescreen desktop calendar (july)

regular desktop calendar (july)

iphone 3GS/4

iphone 5