Monday, December 28, 2009

happy holidays

we were lucky to have a beautiful white christmas and to be able to spend the holidays with both sides of our families. hope that everyone had a wonderful christmas as well!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

nib necklaces

i have finished my christmas shopping and all my presents are wrapped and under the tree, yay! i didn't need to get anyone jewelry, but if i did i'd buy some of erica weiner's fountain pen nib necklaces--how fun are they??? i've been looking for a calligraphy class to take, but i'd probably save a lot of money if i just bought one of her necklaces and practiced with that...or at least i'd look that much cuter in class, ha.

seen on the daily candy girls' gift guide

Friday, December 4, 2009

ducks in a row

if you thought notcot (one of my most favorite blogs in the world) was only for seeing the de-packaging (i love/hoard great packaging) of eye-catching fun product, you were wrong. just like last year, she has fun contest after fun contest during the holiday season!

i've already registered for the ninja of the month club and baggu giveaway and it's only the beginning of december. even if i don't win, it's been really great reading the designers' stories behind all their work. and that new baggu duck bag is freakin' cute and looks super useful. so...maybe santa could wrap 8 presents for me, one in each color bag! or maybe he could wrap 7 bags inside 1 bag! ok, even no present in 1 bag would be greatly appreciated. thanks santa! (or lady luck of the draw :)