Friday, August 22, 2014


i have been collecting fabric for years, hoping to sit down and make a quilt (even a tiny teddy bear one would do!) now that i've seen hopewell quilts, perhaps i should purge my fabric stash and buy one of their creations--gorgeous color combinations and unexpected simple, yet eye-catching designs, they're just beautiful. on top of that, they have designed the most amazing cat napkins ever...i think i'd never want to use a plain napkin again!

Monday, August 4, 2014

pizza vs ice cream

my friend liz apple was telling me that her desktop was feeling boring, so instead of working on the 1,256,711 other things i should have been doing instead, i designed this fun wallpaper for her [because she's the cutest] and i thought i'd share with you too! enjoy xx fun

one of the happiest companies i follow on instagram is not only do they have super fun colorful products, they also have the best branding and vibe. (the verbiage flashing when an image loads on their website includes phrases like " is unicorns" " is confetti" and " is best friends" um...LOVE IT. i want every set of their girl talk bobbi pins and even though i already own a cute planner, i feel as if i might need a second planner because i too am very busy. (all images from their happy blog)

here fishy fishy... (and happy belated july!)

we've had record-breaking heat waves in denmark this summer and the beaches have been packed even more than usual. in case you're not near a coast, the august desktop i've designed will bring the fish to you. inspired by vintage scandinavian dishtowels, i've always loved the simplicity of fish artwork...perhaps because i'm a pisces?

widescreen desktop wallpaper (august)

standard desktop wallpaper (august)

also, july was a fun-filled, busy month, filled with my mother visiting, chris traveling to the states (double chocolate milano cookies!) and a fantastic summer holiday to switzerland, france and italy, which was sooo lovely. however, i am now belatedly posting maeve's super adorable seagull artwork, so make sure to download it as well!

widescreen desktop wallpaper (july)

standard desktop wallpaper (july)