Thursday, March 26, 2009

busy, busy, busy

do you ever have one of those weeks? i feel like i have been constantly moving all week long and have gotten so little sleep i nearly fell asleep TWICE today during meetings! blah. here are things i have started/accomplished this week though, which is pretty good for me:

got printed + hand cut missy's save the date cards
designed/printed/wrote birthday thank you cards
sketched + practiced embroidery for michelle's (now belated (big surprise)) baby present
made the 100th post thank you cards (see above)
knit part of becca's bike tube cover
screenprinted v.v. onesies
tried knitting baby booties
did loads of laundry and [mostly] packed for 11 days worth of travelling

it'll all be worth it when i am sleeping on the plane tomorrow...on my way to sunny california to visit jayson + michelle + baby!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


do you know how much i want one??? buy here image from here

dollhouse print

small stump has designed a super cute dollhouse print for their shop in happy pink and green...i just love the woodgrain texture and hand-done feel to it. this looks like it would be perfect artwork for a great old animated movie.

(plus small stump's author has TWO blue heeler mixes! that get to frolic on the beach in/near SF! oh how milo would love to meet them ;)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

100 thank yous!

thank you to all my cute friends who left me such wonderful comments on my 100th post!!! many thanks for reading my blog and encouraging me to keep doing all my fun means the world!!!

i'll have your surprise delivered to you next week :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

2709 designs

i'm lucky to be friends with some VERY talented girls who will soon be showcasing their super cute designs at voltage! (first ave, april 24th...get tickets ASAP) known as 2709 designs bonnie and becca have designed a fantastic line of clothes wearable from bike, to work, and back onto your bike! functional yet extremely on trend, i cannot WAIT to get a cute bunny adorned skirt and tee.

as becca's unofficial intern (aka...i just call myself that ;) i stopped over today to iron various parts and pin zippers on SWEET cycling gloves (i want a pair yet don't even need them) and take some fun pictures.

continue following their adventures at

model pictures

lausanne, switzerland

san francisco, california

davos, switzerland

my cute friend abby over at lovey dovey posted about this SUPER FUN application that i spent tons of time already trying out on every vacation picture i have. add this to poladroid and i'll never get anything done ;)

tilt-shift maker takes your existing digital pictures and creates a specific area of focus and blurs everything else...therefore making your pictures APPEAR like they are now miniature model worlds! FUN, right??? the best part is it's free on the tilt-shift away!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

congratulations jayson and michelle!!!

cutie baby katie was born on 3.14.09 aka pi day, so i thought it only fitting. plus i hear michelle can make a mean key lime pie too ;) we are SOOO happy for you guys and cannot WAIT to get out there and visit!!! lots of love and congratulations to you, BIG HUGS!!!

ps. it's a pun on cutie case you thought i was implying she has hair like a dollop of whipped cream. and green stripes on her face.


i went to half price books last weekend with my mom and got this totally funny book of drawings from their vintage section. i love how everything is super simple, yet they have elaborate and detailed titles. (click and enlarge the 2nd image to read his explanation of a "droodle")

Thursday, March 12, 2009

new blogs

i found the blog binky the doormat from davidthedesigner which was linked from aesthetic outburst (phew!). i am loving his taste in quotes, visuals, and the fact that it is laid out super clean and nice on the eyes. you can actually look at things one at a time! needless to say, i will definitely be adding this to my list of must-reads. (perhaps needless to say, but i said it anyway...take THAT, dear reader ;)

check out the 3 blogs these images are originally linked from--dan meth's blog is pretty freakin' funny:

1. image from dan meth
2. image from nubbytwiglet
3. image from justin david cox

Monday, March 9, 2009

winter song

this was posted on quaint handmade and it's a very soothing song and a super cute video. (i love their heart cheeks!) it's supposed to snow tomorrow, but here's hoping spring is just around the corner.

fair isle monsters

i finished my fair isle hat!!! i took a knitting class at crafty planet with melissa and other fun friends and it was the first double pointed needle project i have ever done. i changed the original snowflake pattern to a little monster and i think it's pretty cute. i just sewed on the ginormous pom pom tonight...note the immense amount of trimming i had to do to it so that it was actually a spherical shape!

thanks gretchen for teaching a super fun class!!! :)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

sweet (well, salty) pretzel ring

seen on notcot's twitter feed, how great is this???

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


i found lovelydesign through oh happy day! and i LOVE her blog. her style is practically perfect, her projects and photos are beautiful, AND she's a mom at the same time. (to a cutie!) PLUS she has sewn a really great red and aqua quilt, so it was love at first read...

the photo of her daughter passed out with the barrettes all over the cat is one of the best photos i have seen EVER. cute.

Monday, March 2, 2009

1 potato, 2 potato, 3 potato, 100

i had a very lovely birthday today and am ALSO pleased to announce that this blog has reached 100 posts!!! WOO HOO. thank you all for reading, makes me happy!

to give back some of that happiness, leave me an extra nice comment between now and friday and i will be sending a fun surprise to you :)

xoxo, rhymeswithfun