Monday, August 31, 2009

nyc, how i love thee

we are headed to NYC this week with our new camera, so i'm hoping to have amazing pictures to post when we return. it will be an even better trip than last time because not only are we visiting both meredith and giulietta (YAY!) but we're going to the us open and the brooklyn flea too, fun!

have a great long weekend!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

loop by the yard

how fun is this??? reversible solid/pattern TYVEK! i don't even know what i would need to make out of this, but after reading about loop on ohdeedoh and the mio website i feel like i SHOULD want to make tons of stuff...then take advantage of the pre-paid envelope to send back my scraps to be recycled! maybe i will just have to start making waterproof stuffed friends...

anna ruby king

i found a blog today called tizzalicious crafts and cuteness and i could just browse forever--she has such fun posts! (and a cute etsy store too) one of the posts featured designer anna ruby king and she has some of the CUTEST stationery and drawings. what a great illustration style, it's so precise and clean. she uses recycled materials and i love how her work is done on a variety of papers and often combined with fabric.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

sandbox theatre benefit party

sandbox theatre is hosting their 3rd annual benefit party thursday from 6:30pm-9:00pm, so if you're free tomorrow night you should definitely stop by! there will be food & drinks, mini performances, and a fantastic silent auction that includes donated items from amazing local artists like sarah wray and chris hajny. (this lovely chambray pup was handmade by yours truly ;)

Monday, August 17, 2009

missy + peter

it has been a wedding preparation filled summer and the first big project was designing missy and peter's wedding invitations! i have known mis for nearly SIX YEARS and was beyond honored when she asked me to design her invitations. she had always said she wanted me to do them, but when it was time to design, mock-up, then actually assemble them--it made me so proud to take her lovely ideas and create the final designed product.

like the original plan, they ended up being cream, shades of pink and gray, printed on stardream shimmer cardstock. inside the outer-most envelope was a cream folder wrapped in a silver band. once the folder was opened, the invitation was found on the right side, and a pocket containing the RSVP card, map/directions card, and accommodations card was found on the left side. i think they turned out beautifully and am so glad to hear that mis and many of her guests think so too!

cheers to you classy lady...a little over a month til the big day!!! xoxo!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

luft balloons

i have been on a long hiatus for the summer as it has been filled with wedding invitations and projects galore! i will be posting lots of fun pictures for you to see soon, promise. in the meantime, i found this great design website yatzer (via a stylesight email) that you should definitely peruse. i looked through an article on the lorraine mondial air balloon rally that took place in france and the pictures are just simply amazing, i LOVE them.