Wednesday, October 1, 2008

i heart NYC

ok. so life got a little jam packed, we jetted off to the big apple, then came back in time for work to kick my butt all over again. however brief, i had a FABULOUS time in new york and managed in 4 days to cram the following into the trip: bryant park, street vendors, times square, korean dumplings, staten island ferry, etsy craft night, central park, lunch with lindy, williamsburg, NYC public library, nolita, walking in general, soho, cooper-hewitt/gugenheim gift stores, and more...

here are my most favorite pictures of the trip, i hope you like them too:

1.heart-shaped leaves at bryant park view while walking to grand central station 3.cooper-hewitt sidewalk 4.model boats at central park 5.interior shot at the NYC public library 6.shelves of books at the library 7.cute sign at the library 8.funny drawing in a window 9.bus ride through brooklyn ribbons at a church 11.view from the staten island ferry 12.street view in soho

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