Wednesday, October 15, 2008

pointy kitty

daily candy wrote about wee wonderfuls the other week and the blog is SO cute! when i googled it (so i could link it correctly), the blurb said "life of a non-practicing librarian, a former vintage clothing site owner, and now a stay at home and craft it up mom." aw :)

the best part about the website is she has posted SUPER CUTE FREE PATTERNS!!! this week i made the pointy kitty for elisa A as a belated birthday present, and it turned out really great. i sewed it by hand which was time consuming, but also good practice since i have never done a 3-dimensional toy before. elisa A named her francesca, and she and suzie set up a kitty bed + bench for her at work. everyone thought she was so funny and cute...thanks hillary!

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kara said...

soooooo pointy! hehehehe..I love him!