Friday, October 10, 2008

tag, you're it!

my friend melissa bag tagged me here and i am FINALLY taking the time to divulge the super secret contents of my purse for you...scandalous! we saw a game of tag making its rounds on orange you lucky and melissa was nice enough to start a NEW game so i would get the chance to participate...THANKS MELISSA! :)

here's what my most-used purse looks like. i got it at the flagship freitag store in zurich when chris and i were on our european honeymoon. i love it because not only is it recycled, i'm also less concerned with it getting dirty...therefore, i am less stressed out every time i have to put it down! (i get stressed out by weird things) also visible is my "tot obv" button my cousin trĂ¢n made me:

...and here are the contents of my bag! NOTE: i forgot to detach my octopus-like tripod (birthday present from mike+dana) from the camera and also forgot my jump drive in the sadly, they are not pictured below:

1. bath & body works mint lip gloss
2. digital camera
(well, camera case since it's in my hands, and non-pictured tri-pod)
3. coupons
(i always have random ones--i guess for shopping emergencies???)
4. pen
(to write down books i want to request from the library or random to-dos. also, i do not carry around a notebook and will write my notes down on anything...aka coupons and bus schedules)
(the always "temporarily revised") EP bus schedule
6. kleenex
(for my allergies)
7. work badge
8. bus pass
9. checkbook
(i'm a luddite)
10. cell phone
(can't wait to get a new one that actually gets reception)
11. ipod
(for long bus rides and treks to/from the "temporarily revised" bus stop)
12. coach wristlet
(in a fall-friendly turquoise color)
13. kate spade sunglasses
(a la marshalls ;)

ok [paper bag of pearls owner]'ve been tagged!

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Ends and Picks said...

Okay, how do you have a bigger bag and yet carry less stuff?!?