Sunday, October 5, 2008

an apple a day

the fall season has come to stay. last night i went to my friend sarah's house (which is SO AMAZINGLY DECORATED, and with lots of her OWN beautiful photography! i wish i had remembered to take pictures...i already told her that i wanted her to "do my house" but feel that i'd need to purge about 70% of my items before she could) and we huddled by the fire bowl and made s'mores and everyone was all bundled up cute in vests and scarves.

i think apples always get a little more limelight during the fall season and i got this craft email from martha stewart and i thought it was so fun. not only because apple prints make me think of elementary school, but because i want a mini tote for MY apple a day!!! and i don't even eat apples regularly--i just really want one to TOTE around. (haha) but seriously, how cute is it???