Thursday, April 10, 2014

wooden type puzzles

we have a couple janod puzzles (the zoo one and the alphabet one) and i really like how thick the wooden pieces are. i feel it's easier for a baby to hold the whole piece compared to a small knob on the traditional peg puzzles. though these pieces are probably too advanced for oliver right now on these wooden type puzzles, they are so much fun to look at and have such nice color schemes...i sort of want all three!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

like a lion

march this year definitely came in like a [really angry] lion when we were stateside, but luckily when we got back to copenhagen it's been fairly spring-like most of the time. what is the weather like where you are? depending where, march might also be leaving like a lion...but april is just around the corner, so here's hoping more sunny days are ahead! maeve designed this totally ad-roar-able (GET IT??? ;) lion for our march desktops, links below!

widescreen desktop wallpaper (march)

standard desktop wallpaper (march)

à bientôt paris

last year in march i was EXTREMELY lucky enough to be in paris for my birthday. as much as i'd like to go back soon, there are so many places we'd like to visit while we live on this side of the sea that it will be awhile before we return. (unless oliver gets a baby modeling job, then we'd jet off to paris all the time, obv) i love this outfit from atlantic-pacific it's so happy! all she needs is a croissant. le sigh...

don't doubt your dreams

i start a lot of emails and conversations with "oh my gosh, i just thought of the BEST idea!" and my dear friend maeve, who i email about three times a day (YES, i have other friends, but maeve is just one of my favorites and indulges my over zealous communication) is one of those wonderful people who makes me feel like i can achieve any dream, no matter how crazy. i think the biggest obstacle to accomplishing your goals is that tiny twinge of self-doubt you can get, and without a cheerleader friend, it can feel daunting to go for it. so for those days you don't have a maeve in your life, this print i found on pinterest is a really great reminder. available on this website here.

Monday, March 24, 2014

birds of a feather

i designed this flockette of scandi-inspired birds to start off my half of the 2014 calendar collaboration. they are either sitting atop snow or white confetti...depends how mad at mother nature you are this year. (poor minnesota, i heard it snowed there AGAIN this week!) download your preferred size below, enjoy!

widescreen desktop wallpaper (february)

standard desktop wallpaper (february)

Thursday, January 30, 2014

lip blam

i change bags like there's no tomorrow, and when i forget to transfer my chapstick (ahem, lip balm) it's all i can think about until i get home. lo and behold, kate spade saturday has made a lip balm holder necklace! if i were to couple this with my pen necklace, all i would need is someone to make a kleenex (tissue) necklace and...jackpot!

ps. i started writing "lip balm" as the title of this post, but my typo of "lip BLAM" is so much better, HA.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

hello & hej

i've been really busy lately with multiple projects, but my wish list projects still pop up on my mind every now and again. hello & hej is something i'm working on to as a means to share more of my danish life with friends and family (and you, if you like :) more to come...

Thursday, January 16, 2014

oh happy day business cards

have you seen these business cards on oh happy day today??? they are so much fun, with their colorful confetti-like edge-painting! and jordan has even posted a tutorial if you were to create your own, hm...

Sunday, January 12, 2014

ace & jig midi skirt

speaking of black and white, as markdowns continue on ace & jig's FW2013 collection i cannot help but keep checking back on this black pindot midi skirt. i wish i owned swaths (?) and swaths (?) of this fantastic fabric and since i don't, i think this versatile lengthed, pocketed, contrast *elastic* waist skirt is the next best thing.

black & white bunnies

you may have noticed, i LOVE bunnies, and how adorable are these black and white prints??? they have so much personality in their simplicity. screenprinted in the UK and available at archie's boutique.

loopy mango

i like big knitting since it takes less time and is easier to hold, but WHOA loopy mango has the most gigantic knitting ever--it must take about 5 minutes! i both want a blanket this fabulous and also never want a blanket this fabulous, as i would be too worried it would get dirty or snagged and i'd forever hide it off to the corner. however, if someone were to GIVE me one, i would definitely put it to good use ;)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

happy 2014!!!

hello, and happy new year!!! hope 2013 ended well and you had a lovely holiday, wherever in the world you were :)

i am SOOO excited to reveal the 2014 calendar collaboration from maeve and i! we had so much fun brainstorming and designing animal friends to adorn your walls. we added space on the printed calendar for notes and made the desktop backgrounds easier on the eyes so your icons no longer get lost. thanks so much to everyone for the calendar love, it makes us happy how involved and excited you are, hugs and high fives from both sides of the sea!

please sign up for our newsletter HERE to receive each month's new wallpaper sent directly to your inbox. you will also be the first to have access to our upcoming limited edition ipad and iphone backgrounds!

happy new year // godt nytår!!! xx

printable 2014 calendar (letter size pages)

widescreen desktop wallpaper (january)

standard desktop wallpaper (january)

(this month's adorable polar bear wallpaper was designed by maeve!)

Sunday, December 15, 2013


if you haven't already heard me screaming it from the rooftops, i am SOOO excited that my handmade bunnies are available at the adorable shop amelia. erin is just the sweetest IG mama friend, and i am so happy that not only does she love them but the first shipment sold out in only a week! i just sent another batch so you might still have a chance at snagging one before christmas. (otherwise make sure to peruse the site, there are so many fantastic gifts on there!)

thanks for all the bunny love, it really means so much!!! HUGS xx

ps. erin's IG pic has over 130 likes--i feel so social media popular! ;)

6 degrees [of postcards]

the current show at light grey art lab is the 6 degrees show, and i am fortunate to be one of the artists donning their gallery walls. the theme was to design a postcard showcasing where you live and sending 100 of them to LGAL to be redistributed to all artists involved, so that you have THE BEST MAIL DAY EVER when you get a giant pack of postcards from artists around the world! (photo via LGAL)

i styled my artwork to mimic minimalistic vintage scandinavian design and drew my color palette from the always lovely nyhavn. i wish i could be there in person to check it out, but to all my minneapolis friends, be sure to stop by--it'll be up until january 17th. (and feel free to show some copenhagen love by buying a print here tak!)

December...pop, fizz, clink!

how is december already half over??? only two weeks until the new year and 10 days until christmas??? [insert home alone face here]

maeve has designed a festive and celebratory december calendar for you this month! i hope you moseyed over to her blog already and downloaded it two weeks ago, but if you are behind on every possible to do like me, then high five to all you procrastinators out there! find all versions of december below, have some bubbly, watch fireworks and celebrate the holidays in style. cheers to the rest of 2013 and we can't wait to unveil our new calendar next month!

iphone 3GS/4

iphone 5