Saturday, November 15, 2008

cute band-aids

one of my favorite illustrators, kate sutton, has posted on her blog that she will soon have "plasters" she designed at urban outfitters. i cannot WAIT to get some!!! and how cute that she calls them plasters!

as she said it was a sneak peek with no release date yet, i didn't want to post the pictures on my blog...but check it out here (how cute is the thermos one??? :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

happy belated SPSO!!!

i finished mini sasha for my friend megan last night and he was excitedly given to her at lunch today. i used a retro simplicity pattern as inspiration, but drew my own pattern and hand-sewed it all. (since i was too lazy to set up the sewing machine) my favorite part was tying the giant yellow bow! (dyed silk shantung from m&j trimming) if anyone ever has a job open for tying big lovely bows, i'm your gal.

megan is such a fun(ny) and cute friend, i hope he ends her birthday hoopla week with lots of smiles and love. (NERDY)

one word meme

cindy from the lovely quaint handmade posted a one word meme this past weekend on her blog, and encouraged others to play! (i didn't know what a "meme" was, so here is the [WIP] definition on wikipedia for you in case you didn't either) here i go...!

where is your mobile phone? purse
where is your significant other? seattle
your hair color? black
your mother? driven
your father? dependable
your favorite thing? sweets
your dream last night? stressful
your dream goal? sew-er (as in sewing, not as in sewage-related)
the room you're in? clean!
your hobby? crafting
your fear? loneliness
where do you want to be in 6 years? coast-bound
where were you last night? home
what you're not? early
one of your wish-list items? gocco
where you grew up? SLP
the last thing you did? "cooked"
what are you wearing? pj's
your TV? cable-impaired
your pets? hyper
your computer? slooooooooooooow
your mood? hungry
missing someone? YES!!!
your car? <100,000
something you're not wearing? this :(
favorite shop? jcrew
your summer? busy
love someone? yes
your favorite color? aqua
when is the last time you laughed? earlier
when is the last time you cried? friday

ps. i hope you get that puppy you want, cindy!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

pink woodland

i saw this incredible custom designed kids room on craft magazine's blog (originally from cup of coco)--SO freakin' sweet. (as in little girls cute, not napoleon dynamite awesome) my favorite parts are the little owls everywhere and the basket (bushel?) of felt apples. the tree with the little secret door is really great too. make sure to go to cup of coco to see all the pics, as there are so many amazing details that i can't begin to write about them all!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

here's to a new tomorrow.

it's amazing how different the world seems today. it's almost like you can feel everyone's excitement and hope for the future. i think after so much craziness this past year, people are hoping for a change...and genuinely feel it's actually possible now with obama's win. it sounds extra optimistic, but i am really hoping everyone's good nature lasts for's really quite nice when [most of] our country actually unites together, as per our name suggests.

Monday, November 3, 2008

super cute cupcakes!!!

on the they featured fantastic toys and their insanely adorable cupcakes. LOVE THEM!!! i think there is even a free pattern available so you can make your own. SOOO CUTE. makes me smile!