Monday, May 26, 2014

ferm living buttering boards

until we moved to denmark, i had never heard of a buttering board, but with so many options available here, i might just start collecting them! ferm living has just launched several new designs for spring, and the black and white patterns are so much fun. i love the scattered triangles, mimicking their instagram-famous wall stickers and the confetti print is so perfectly simple that i would gladly cover my table, bed and walls with that pattern. (hm, new washi tape project???)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


i am going to my first blog conference this weekend, and i am SO excited!!! it will be so much more than just a conglomerate of bloggers, but the chance to meet other creatives, be inspired, learn something new and even speak with people who work at amazing companies i'd love to work at too. one of the courses i will be taking is calligraphy...there has been such an explosion of gorgeous modern lettering in recent years and i am such a fan of snail mail, so i'm really looking forward to dressing up my envelopes or even TO DO lists ;) image via besotted and the conference i'm attending is the hive.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

artwork by bebo

we had an irregular mother's day this year, having brunch with non-north-american friends (they celebrated in march!) and oliver had been sick since thursday, so we kept things low-key. but one thing VERY traditionally mother's day, was that i was given my first gifted artwork from bebo...and i LOVE it!!! it is really fun (for me especially!) how much he loves to draw or do projects and i can't wait to hoard loads more artwork from him over the years.

odette new york

i don't wear as much jewelry anymore, especially since having a baby, but i do wear a couple simple gold rings. they are easy to wear without getting in the way and minimal effort makes me feel less mom-ish and a little fancier. i love the jewelry from odette new york especially the dainty rings and bracelets. their pieces are hand-crafted using wax carving techniques so they have great texture and shape. i remember being sooo excited to learn how to carve wax and make jewelry in junior high, but i sadly never even came close to these lovelies.

Friday, May 9, 2014

mother's day prints!

i designed FREE mother's day prints for the flying house blog and i'm sooo excited to share tina's photos, she styled them so prettily!!! and her idea of hanging them up with your favorite kids photos is just so sweet. we met through craftenhagen, which she kindly hosts every month in her beautiful apartment. she is genuinely one of the nicest people, while also being insanely stylish, a fantastic chef/baker, a talented crafter, stylist/photographer and mom. how can one person be so amazing??? make sure to visit her beautiful blog here and download my three designs below (A4 size). i made them non-specific enough that they could adorn your walls for weeks or months ;)
happy early mother's day!!!

you are lovely

mother knows best (colorful version)

mother knows best (one-color version)

Monday, May 5, 2014

maryanne moodie

i feel as if decorative weavings have increased in popularity ten-fold, they are everywhere lately! i don't even care how "mainstream" it may be getting, i love them! so much fun color and texture, like lovely tactile wall art. these pictured above are from the very talented maryanne moodie. (and by no means is she mainstream!)

Thursday, May 1, 2014

happy may day!

just in time for the kentucky derby, maeve has designed a wallpaper featuring this darling horse prancing through a meadow of flowers. we have been lucky to have warm (almost hot!) sunny days the past few weeks, but if you are not so fortunate, this design will surely bring a bit of spring to your desktop!