Friday, March 16, 2012

no time! there's never any time!

ok jessie, this is just not true. but it's easy to make yourself THINK you don't have me, i convince myself this all too easily.

i recently read an article called "are you as busy as you think?" and it reminded me that it's easy to exaggerate and convince yourself that you're TOO busy and there's NO time, when factually there are many hours every week (nay, every day!) that you are probably wasting. i've been trying to use their "choose your language" tip and it's pretty helpful, though also kind of a downer. for example:

when you say: "i don't have time to cook a good-for-me dinner."

it means: "i don't make time to cook a good-for-me dinner because i'm lazy and i prioritize this over my general health."

see? sort of depressing. but you can see how this helps put things in a better perspective. it's always good for me to get re-energized about time management reminders as we are star-crossed lovers, who never seem to meet up. [insert shaking fist at proverbial "time"]

ps. image is from a SAVED BY THE BELL themed party O. M. G.