Wednesday, February 13, 2013

it's february...!!!

what?! your calendar says it's february 13th and not february 1st like mine??? how strange, it's not like this february calendar download is coming to you a bit late or anything.

ok, it is...sad! and confetti dots are my absolute FAVORITE, and maeve did SUCH a great job adding the teeny tiny adorable heart into her wallpaper, eek!!! i love it!!! so don't delay a second longer and download her fantastic february calendar from the links below. and in case that wasn't enough cuteness, click and save the image above to add this great background to your iphone too, yay.

standard desktop calendar (february)

widescreen desktop calendar (february)

winter in minnesota

we recently got back from our first trip back home in over a year. it was SO GREAT to see family and friends!!! and amazing to visit one stop shops like target again, what a timesaver!!! (or timeWASTER as i tried on a ton of things, then bought nothing. dangit denmark! you took the fun out of unnecessary shopping!)

it's funny, i had completely forgotten what winter in minnesota was like...and we visited during insanely cold days (-7F or -21.6C!) and freezing rain storms (inhibiting 77% of our party guests from driving anywhere). i feel so un-minnesotan complaining about cold weather! (what happened to me?!) but on the plus side, the snow made the woods behind my parents' house just beautiful, and on warmer days i was able to take ollie out in the carrier which was really nice... combining what i love about both a danish AND a minnesota winter :)