Thursday, October 30, 2008


i can't remember how i ended up finding the blog danken but it is a really beautiful blog, with dreamy photos and natural sunlit shots. it makes me feel like i'm in the middle of a relaxing, carefree weekend when i look at the pictures...

cute knitwear

it's been a crazy couple of weeks...we super cleaned out the house for a rock band/rockstar party, i caught whatever virus is floating around, and a friend of mine at work quit unexpectedly for bigger and better things. yeesh.

today it was pretty nice out, but when you feel crappy you just want to be super cozy and warm. although a slanket is on my constant wish list, this article on msn showcased some really great knitwear that i would love to own. i think i need to find a super cute beret this year...even if minnesota weather means there are only about 12 days a year available to wear one functionally.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

happy fall (and new container store)

notecard photoshoot

senior pictures of notecards i'll be selling at finch's boutique (seriously. i was posing them on rocks and logs, and was even on my knees and squinting to get the right angle)

recognize the baby teeth monsters? they're so happy!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

the gentle art of domesticity

on the spoonflower blog, they posted a link to a BEAUTIFULLY photographed blog named yarnstorm. not wanting to infringe on her no photo re-posting request, i am only showing you a thumbnail of her book from amazon (which i would imagine has her amazing photographs on the cover :) when i read about her--she never uses flash and maximizes natural absolute favorite kind of pictures!

definitely check it out, the pictures are REALLY, REALLY great.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

knitted ascot

a pattern for this knitted ascot was posted on the purl bee today--doesn't it look adorable??? i'll just add it to my looooooong list of things i want to make! it seems SOMEWHAT easy, so maybe i can squeeze it in between my many other projects...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

pointy kitty

daily candy wrote about wee wonderfuls the other week and the blog is SO cute! when i googled it (so i could link it correctly), the blurb said "life of a non-practicing librarian, a former vintage clothing site owner, and now a stay at home and craft it up mom." aw :)

the best part about the website is she has posted SUPER CUTE FREE PATTERNS!!! this week i made the pointy kitty for elisa A as a belated birthday present, and it turned out really great. i sewed it by hand which was time consuming, but also good practice since i have never done a 3-dimensional toy before. elisa A named her francesca, and she and suzie set up a kitty bed + bench for her at work. everyone thought she was so funny and cute...thanks hillary!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

raffle tote

i made this tote bag for a united way raffle at work--and it turned out pretty cute, so i was really happy with it! due to many very nice compliments from work friends, i'm planning on making some for elisa's holiday boutique now too.

the tote bag had a medium-weight canvas exterior with a patterned cotton lining. i topstitched the handles and bag opening with coordinating aqua thread, and embroidered with a lighter aqua embroidery floss. i also screenprinted on the front AND the interior pocket has a surprise guy peeking out of it!

it ended up being the perfect size to fit some reading materials and a snack, or your newest knitting/crocheting project, yay :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

tag, you're it!

my friend melissa bag tagged me here and i am FINALLY taking the time to divulge the super secret contents of my purse for you...scandalous! we saw a game of tag making its rounds on orange you lucky and melissa was nice enough to start a NEW game so i would get the chance to participate...THANKS MELISSA! :)

here's what my most-used purse looks like. i got it at the flagship freitag store in zurich when chris and i were on our european honeymoon. i love it because not only is it recycled, i'm also less concerned with it getting dirty...therefore, i am less stressed out every time i have to put it down! (i get stressed out by weird things) also visible is my "tot obv" button my cousin trĂ¢n made me:

...and here are the contents of my bag! NOTE: i forgot to detach my octopus-like tripod (birthday present from mike+dana) from the camera and also forgot my jump drive in the sadly, they are not pictured below:

1. bath & body works mint lip gloss
2. digital camera
(well, camera case since it's in my hands, and non-pictured tri-pod)
3. coupons
(i always have random ones--i guess for shopping emergencies???)
4. pen
(to write down books i want to request from the library or random to-dos. also, i do not carry around a notebook and will write my notes down on anything...aka coupons and bus schedules)
(the always "temporarily revised") EP bus schedule
6. kleenex
(for my allergies)
7. work badge
8. bus pass
9. checkbook
(i'm a luddite)
10. cell phone
(can't wait to get a new one that actually gets reception)
11. ipod
(for long bus rides and treks to/from the "temporarily revised" bus stop)
12. coach wristlet
(in a fall-friendly turquoise color)
13. kate spade sunglasses
(a la marshalls ;)

ok [paper bag of pearls owner]'ve been tagged!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

an apple a day

the fall season has come to stay. last night i went to my friend sarah's house (which is SO AMAZINGLY DECORATED, and with lots of her OWN beautiful photography! i wish i had remembered to take pictures...i already told her that i wanted her to "do my house" but feel that i'd need to purge about 70% of my items before she could) and we huddled by the fire bowl and made s'mores and everyone was all bundled up cute in vests and scarves.

i think apples always get a little more limelight during the fall season and i got this craft email from martha stewart and i thought it was so fun. not only because apple prints make me think of elementary school, but because i want a mini tote for MY apple a day!!! and i don't even eat apples regularly--i just really want one to TOTE around. (haha) but seriously, how cute is it???

Thursday, October 2, 2008

fifty is nifty

rhymeswithfun has reached 50 posts...hip hip hooray!
thanks to all of you who stop by and visit, big hug!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

i heart NYC

ok. so life got a little jam packed, we jetted off to the big apple, then came back in time for work to kick my butt all over again. however brief, i had a FABULOUS time in new york and managed in 4 days to cram the following into the trip: bryant park, street vendors, times square, korean dumplings, staten island ferry, etsy craft night, central park, lunch with lindy, williamsburg, NYC public library, nolita, walking in general, soho, cooper-hewitt/gugenheim gift stores, and more...

here are my most favorite pictures of the trip, i hope you like them too:

1.heart-shaped leaves at bryant park view while walking to grand central station 3.cooper-hewitt sidewalk 4.model boats at central park 5.interior shot at the NYC public library 6.shelves of books at the library 7.cute sign at the library 8.funny drawing in a window 9.bus ride through brooklyn ribbons at a church 11.view from the staten island ferry 12.street view in soho