Monday, December 29, 2008

merry merry!

i hope everyone had a wonderful christmas and holiday this year with lots of time spent with family and friends...cheers!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

tiny art show

my cute friend lindsay nohl asked if i wanted to submit some artwork for her "tiny art of winter show" at the st. paul tea garden. i was REALLY excited, because i had never done anything for ANY show before! so i started doodling and ended up doing 4 drawings and adding some watercolor details so they had some fun pops of color.

the opening reception was last friday, and i was already emailed on saturday by a nice girl interested in purchasing a couple drawings for her husband as a christmas present...i was so excited!!! and she ended up purchasing all but one, so i was really glad she liked them together as a set :)

if you have time, please stop by the tea garden to visit kitty and her festive balls of yarn, and all the other great prints and drawings still hanging up!

(these three fun guys went home already with the nice lady and her husband :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

tweet tweet

i started a twitter account to try it out and it's sort of fun so far! but since i only update it how often, it's like i'm only documenting the highlights of my day so it makes my life sound that much more exciting ;)

maybe someday i will figure out how to link it to my blog! and maybe someday i will also have an iphone or other addicting super-phone so i can literally tell you a play by play of my fantastically-amazing life. (i are probably ON THE EDGE OF YOUR SEAT)

if you'd like to see what i've been up to, you can follow me at

hope to see you there!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

a paper bag of pearls

my cute friend kara has made these LOVELY labels for her jewelry and other hand-beaded items for finch's holiday boutique this weekend--i can't wait to see them in person! who doesn't love typewriter font on kraft paper???

(chris--you must already be aware that i'll be keeping one of her labels in my "packaging" storage box forever ;)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

festive weiner dog

i just saw this post on orange you lucky! (you can even email for the pdf of the pattern)...and how cute is this pup?! SOOO CUTE!!! i love the red and aqua color combination too, it always makes me happy. i definitely want to make time to learn this guy sometime...

minnesota monthly is my friend

some really exciting news--minnesota monthly has featured elisa's craft sale in their december issue...and my baby monster cards were pictured!!! elisa has kindly scanned and highlighted the article, so here it is for your viewing pleasure. also, thanks so much to christy desmith for putting the accent on my name, i really appreciate it!

ps. bff dana should totally have been called out as my "printed baby clothes" partner-in-crime because v.v. would never have existed without her...and that's a fact. so when you read the text, just whisper "and dana" quietly to yourself. (good job)

pps. i feel like i'm famous, YAY!!!

hope to see you at finch's boutique next weekend!!!
dates and times: sat. dec. 13th 11-5 / sun. dec. 14th 12-5

happy engagement!

erica weiner's herkimer diamond ring (six-sided, double-terminated quartz crystal)

congrats to my cute bffs on their exciting recent engagements!!!
2009 is going to be a lovely wedding-filled year...i cannot WAIT! :)

to the happy couples, we are SO excited for you and your big day. cheers!

steph + court
missy + peter
megan + nick
dana + mike


ok, lots of BIG BIG BIG things have been going on over here...sorry for the long hiatus! i will try and catch up on all the super fantastic interesting news as fast as i possibly can.

(right after i eat my delicious dinner)

vunny + milo