Tuesday, July 19, 2011

the party invitation

our wonderful friends allison and mike & dana threw us a FABULOUS going away party this past weekend, complete with instant-sweat-inducing weather courtesy of mn ;) pictures to come but wanted to post the ADORABLE invitation allison created!!! i asked her to design a fun poster that we can hang on the wall at our new place as a souvenir of our last big get-together, and she did not disappoint (she did the OPPOSITE of disappoint it's so cute!). there's a map of denmark, fun fonts, cute bikes, herring, and even a little milo...all in my favorite red & aqua colors!

THANK YOU soul mate, i love it!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

great stripes!

it is definitely the season for stripes and anne m cramer has designed SUPER FUN striped skirts (with pockets!) for her spring collection and i saw now there is a great striped top for fall too. she lives in minneapolis and was recently featured in matchbook magazine (a GREAT read) with pictures of her super cute house and family's collection of chucks :) my favorite part of the article describes her style "...as if Kate Spade met Alice in Wonderland and started making clothes." um...LOVE!

(to read more, see pages 116-125 of the july issue)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

happy day!

wishing the happiest of birthdays to bff dana and chris' fun mom nancy!!! hoping dana has a fantastic weekend home in cincy with her family and nancy has a fantastic weekend at home hosting a million people at their lakeside house...wisconsin here we come :D

ps. i designed this striped hat! beautifully styled picture found on pinterest

Friday, July 1, 2011

paper bicycle daily pattern: minneapolis

my extremely talented friends at paper bicycle manage to squeeze time amongst their busy days of designing for MORE designing...it's amazing what they do in a day! they started a really fun daily pattern project and post their versions of selected themes every day to their cute blog.

i joined in this past week for the minneapolis theme as a tribute to my favorite twin cities desserts! when we were recently visiting copenhagen i ordered a chocolate shake and it cost TEN DOLLARS, yikes. no wonder europeans are so skinny...

we're moving...LITERALLY

for all you friends that haven't heard yet, chris has gotten himself a shiny new job in COPENHAGEN...as in DENMARK! we are so excited to start a new adventure and to be soon living in europe. we are entering such unfamiliar grounds that it makes me a little [ok, A LOT] nervous...but i know that means it will be a really great life experience for us :)

(all posts related to our adventures will have the label "copenbloggin" for easy searching!)