Friday, May 9, 2014

mother's day prints!

i designed FREE mother's day prints for the flying house blog and i'm sooo excited to share tina's photos, she styled them so prettily!!! and her idea of hanging them up with your favorite kids photos is just so sweet. we met through craftenhagen, which she kindly hosts every month in her beautiful apartment. she is genuinely one of the nicest people, while also being insanely stylish, a fantastic chef/baker, a talented crafter, stylist/photographer and mom. how can one person be so amazing??? make sure to visit her beautiful blog here and download my three designs below (A4 size). i made them non-specific enough that they could adorn your walls for weeks or months ;)
happy early mother's day!!!

you are lovely

mother knows best (colorful version)

mother knows best (one-color version)

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