Wednesday, August 6, 2008

craft swap beta!

yesterday i finally emailed my secret friends who will be testing out a craft swap i'm organizing based on this intelligence group email. project #1 is a tote bag, and the only specifications were: minimum size, liner or sturdiness requirement, minimum 1 embellishment, and i made an inspiration board to get everyone motivated too.

i'm SUPER excited!!!!! more to come...
etsy crafters row 1, left to right: loopd, gutentag, (i looked through over 200 etsy pages and cannot find this gray & yellow tote bag anymore...if anyone figures it out i will update the post!!! sorry!!!)
etsy crafters row 2, left to right: YuriMiku, vitamini, reiter8
etsy crafters row 3, left to right: acajou, sarahminshall, MissPixley

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