Sunday, August 24, 2008

trumpets and ukuleles

if you have any free time, i highly recommend watching my cousin trân's video on her makes me wish i lived in europe and got to go on amazing road trips with my friends during the summer! also, the 1st song on the video is "nantes" by the band beirut and i have been listening to them all weekend and AM IN LOVE. (so if you don't have a lot of time--at least watch the first 3 minutes just to hear this great song ;) i read about their history on wikipedia, and it's interesting--the main guy, zach condon, had a wrist injury and therefore mainly plays trumpet and ukulele instead of a traditional guitar due to the inability to wrap his hand fully around a guitar neck...! their music makes me think of lovely summer evenings and reminds me a lot of the movie amelie which is one of my most favorite movies EVER, so you can see why i would like them.

this image is a screen shot from their website linked above--the entire illustration on the homepage is really great, and even has a little animations every so often too.

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