Wednesday, August 13, 2008

quaint cabinet

i sent this out to a bunch of friends already, but i wanted to post about it too--yesterday design*sponge featured cindy from quaint handmade and her AMAZING fabric cabinet and i just love the photo she posted! not only is it a cute snapshot but her fabric is in beautiful color order too. i just love to see things so organized...especially since my house never is!

so far i have only read cindy and scott's "about us" and their post about the cabinet (well, and the post about design*sponge posting about the cabinet) but i love the blog already.

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quaint handmade said...

hello there - thank you so much for including our cabinet and the nice shout out on your blog. i've been afraid to use anything in it as i'm sure i'll mess it all up ;). off to explore your blog, which looks fun!