Sunday, August 17, 2008

indie craft weekend (cont. again)

today i went to the kingfield neighborhood for brunch with my friend janet, and except for it being extremely hot out, it was a really nice morning! we walked from her (cute!) house to the restaurant la chaya where we enjoyed breakfast outside on their shaded patio. afterwards we walked to i like you which is the CUTEST little store that stocks great items designed by local artists as their owners "share a love of art and the handmade." the store had everything from knitted/crocheted little guys to screenprinted tees, cute stationery, and great jewelry. i even got to meet sarah, one of the owners, and i totally want to come back regularly and see what new items they get in.

all in all, it was a very inspiring and motivating weekend. yay for crafts and minneapolis fun!

poster by adam turman (amazing illustrator/screenprinter/nice guy (i think so...))

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