Sunday, August 17, 2008

indie craft weekend (cont.)

after perusing crafty planet we stopped next door at rewind, this cute vintage store that my friend keegan recommended and it DEFINITELY lived up to expectations. cute jewelry, fun bags, and fabulous clothes. the girl there even tried to help me find a wooded cuff bracelet to use as a coffee sleeve (i saw this AMAZING design by bentwood on a trend board, but just can't afford it right now...) and even left the store to try and find me a coffee cup to use! sadly, she couldn't find a coffee cup nor cuff bracelet that might work (but thanks for putting so much effort into it!), and my allergies were so bad we ended up leaving shortly after. i have concluded that brentwood's design is so ingenious that no vintage cuff bracelet can even come close to it, so i am leaving you with some images so you can wish you had one too...

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