Tuesday, August 26, 2008

screech owl design

i saw these GREAT cards today by screech owl design on poppytalk and i thought they were SO beautifully drawn--plus had great texture and coloring too. i wish i had this style of drawing, actually realistic but with an obvious hand drawn feel to it. plus, they come in these beautiful boxes and you know if i had them, i would save the box FOREVER and add them to my "packaging collection." their website has great photography and i like all the pictures of their product on the rough wood--i like to imagine they have this amazing majestic wooden table somewhere to use for their great photo shoots...well, i mean i imagined it for the last 10 minutes or so since i looked at their site :)

1 comment:

Christopher Monnier said...

Maybe their table is almost as majestic as that cool rustic black one you used to take the pictures of the dead bunnies.