Wednesday, August 27, 2008

lotta rainy nights

it's pouring again, but i'm listening to the shins (wincing the night away) and getting ready to do some crafty business in my pj's so it's actually kind of nice to hear the storm through all the open windows. i finally have all the supplies i need to get started on my tote bag for craft swap beta! i won't ruin the surprise, but the pattern can be found in this GREAT lotta jansdotter book. she writes that sewing is fun and simple enough anyone can do it, then points out how none of the patterns in this book have zippers or functional there IS hope!

lotta jansdotter's book lotta prints is also really great--she is an amazing print designer and i always love her simple style. chris gave me her postcard box one year as a present and i've still never used any of them--i can't bear to disrupt the set!

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