Saturday, September 13, 2008

birds in eyepatches

my friend elisa A! sent me this really cute card site from the website little otsu (their about us is interesting--and explains what "otsu" actually means too) and from browsing the artists of the cards i then went to kate sutton's website and LOVE IT!!! the home page literally has a bird in an eyepatch--how cute is that??? i went to her blog and have learned that she does a lot of the renegade craft fair posters and artwork too so no wonder her style seems so familiarly great.
OKAY. (imagine time has passed since you read the 1st paragraph and this one, so then the abruptness of the "okay" would make more sense) not only is everything she draw insanely cute--but i just took the time to go through her sketchbook and think that maybe someday her sketches and my sketches could be friends...???

her super cute sketch:

my [hopefully you will agree] cute sketch:

(thanks for the scan dana! i would have posted one of my monster doodles instead (as these are actually bunnies) but they are all living on post-its scattered throughout peoples' cubes at work :)

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