Sunday, September 14, 2008

felted owls

my friend melissa over at ends & picks is super multi-talented and on friday taught me how to needle felt. IT'S CRAZINESS!!! but i love it...despite the fact i've already stabbed myself how many times.

so far i can only create spherical shapes, so i made these three alien-esque snowmen owls. the one on the right was my first will notice his right eye (our left) is approximately 30% LARGER than his other eye, oops. the left-most guy went home with my cousin kim, and the middle one was given a funny flyaway toupee to adorn his little head.

1 comment:

Ends and Picks said...

These guys are adorable! The Canadian loves "the guy with the hair" and I like your first one best. I think they should definitely make a showing at work this week so everyone can love them too!