Wednesday, August 3, 2011


it still feels strange to admit we are here to sort of feels like we're just on vacation, but with more of our things than usual. i was REALLY sad to leave our family, friends and milo (insert lots of crying) and starting getting super nervous to move. however, with a cup half full, optimistic attitude, maybe we are really adaptable people and we'll just adjust super easily! it isn't at all frustrating we cannot find ziplock bags anywhere...! JUST KIDDING, i am actually super excited for our new adventures!

we flew in on a cloudy weekend, but luckily it never really rained. we went on an unexpected expedition to find pre-paid cell phones because there was construction at a train stop we needed to get to. after we switched trains multiple times (ok, we might have accidentally gone the wrong direction a couple times) waited for buses that never came or were full, we FINALLY made it to the "mall" to find out they closed already! so we went home and had delicious homemade spaghetti sauce (a la chris) with gigantic mushrooms, fresh bread, and relaxed like everyone does in the evenings here. it's actually really nice most places close by forces you to take it easy and hang out with loved ones once you get home from work. what an idea! ;)

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Chris H. said...

Wow! Cool! Good luck!