Thursday, August 4, 2011

around the block

photo 1: view out our kitchen window of the buildings across our courtyards
photo 2: we can hear church bells from this church often
photo 3: cafes with outdoor seating on østerbrogade
photo 4: pedestrians, bikers and cars co-exist in copenhagen with separated paths ;)
photo 5: street view of our apartment building
photo 6: view of cute buildings lined up on østerbrogade

we are really lucky because we never visited our temporary apartment before moving here, but the neighborhood is fantastic! there are a lot of restaurants and cafes with outdoor seating and you can always see people walking and biking around. we are near multiple grocery stores and fresh produce stands so you can walk around the block to get food as you need, instead of stocking up and having things go bad.

the apartment is located in the østerbro district which is just north of downtown. we are 1 block off the main road østerbrogade where there are more restaurants, stores, movie theaters, and where you can easily catch a bus to get downtown or out to the suburbs.

i love all of the old danish buildings because they are usually only 4-5 stories tall and all lined up neatly in a row. they are often all different colors and look really cheerful and happy.


dita said...

I can't wait to come visit!!!

Chris H. said...

Looks amazing...