Sunday, August 14, 2011

malmö, sweden

last weekend we went to malmö, sweden for a little day trip since it's only a short train ride away. it was such a beautiful and clean city, and everyone was really friendly! the prices are slightly lower than denmark so we were able to pick up a few things for the apartment and do research for future shopping. we had nice sunny weather towards the end of the day and enjoyed a lovely dinner outside.

BONUS...we even saw chris' twin (fifth photo ;)


Angela Tank said...

That twin pic is HYSTERical! Also odd – when I was in Copenhagen in '04, I also took a day trip to Malmo! So glad to live vicariously through you :) Keep posting!

Chris H. said...

That food pic is amazing! Looks like a magazine spread!

stephanie renee said...

i am so jealous!!