Saturday, January 3, 2009


here are my 9 resolutions for 2009...i often have problems keeping them once time starts passing but i've tried to make them more realistic this year so i think i'll be ok. also, since they're broken out into categories it's not as overwhelming:

BLOG RESOLUTIONS (or blogolutions for chris ;)
1. create header. i mean, seriously.
2. be more succinct and post more images (after this post, promise)

3. post actual products on my etsy site
4. draw more often
5. continue sewing, knitting, and paper crafting

6. send emails, letters, and cards in a more timely manner
7. continue learning to cook and bake
8. continue purging the house of "junk"
9. improve overall physical and mental health (ok, this one is sort of a doozy but i know in the end it will only help make me happier!!!)

yay, i'm now OFFICIALLY ready to start the new year!

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