Monday, January 19, 2009

17 donuts

one afternoon i went down to the cafe to get a snack and they literally had sitting out on the counter a white bakery box with this sign that said "17 donuts $5.00." so of course i buy it (HELLO, 17 donuts for $5.00???) and gave it to mike tv as part of his birthday present. we opened it to find out it actually had EIGHTEEN donuts, so we got one free...yay! sitting with the box is buster, our team pet. he is obviously a real dog, as there is no proof of a 0.25" deep white plastic side on him anywhere, IS THERE? isn't it amazing how he fits into such a small gap between the box and the cube wall? what's that you say? you know, maybe your depth perception is just really should get that checked.

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