Friday, January 2, 2009

happy new year. and that's a fact.

our new year definitely started off with a bang. yesterday morning milo had a seizure, so the day was spent at the vet and the emergency vet. we're awaiting test results as it could be something minor (ie. he ate something poisonous--DO NOT let your dogs eat gum with xylitol) or major (ie. he might have some sort of hereditary disease in his liver). i stayed home with him today and he seems fine except for abnormally low energy level (but funny thing...this is pretty average energy level for most other peoples' dogs ;)

i'm thankful that he's ok, and glad nothing worse has happened so far in the new year!!! here's to a year of good health, good family & friends, and all around good cheer. happy 2009 everyone!

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kara said...

So glad he is ok!!!!!!!!