Monday, May 4, 2009

craft swap beta: project tote bag pictures!

made by maeve for dana. features matching covered buttons, pockets flaps, and patterned jersey lining.

made by dana for keegan. features hand embroidery, perfectly-placed interior pockets, and a sweet floral lining.

made by keegan for vân. features hand embellishment and embroidery, velvet ribbon trim, and vintage fabric lining.

made by vân for kara. features hand embroidery, water bottle and magazine pockets, and patterned dot lining.

made by kara for maeve. features hand seed-beading, hand embroidery, and a variety of different textured fabrics.

you probably didn't believe me when i said i was going to eventually post the tote bag pictures from craft swap beta...but surprise, here they are! (you just never know what will happen when you're friends with me ;)

everyone did an AMAZING job and it was fun to see how different everyone's fabric and embellishments were. the funny thing is that we had 2 distinct color stories going on unbknownst to each other: yellow and aqua. let it be known that these are 2 very important colors for spring 2009, so good job us for being so trendy.

to my cute friends, thanks again for being part of craft swap beta! xoxo.

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Dana said...

love it! thanks so much for organizing this bff! I can't wait to do the next one!