Tuesday, June 24, 2008

everybody loves cuff bracelets

rock band has taken over my life! but who can blame me, doesn't everyone secretly wish they were a rockstar??? i wish i had some sweet cuff bracelets that i could wear while playing. all my friends who have received "hand-made" cuff bracelets from me are SOOOOO lucky. oh wait.

they definitely looked nothing like these awesome cuff bracelets i found on xusah's etsy shop--the design on this particular one is from a photo of an old tree stump:

ps. good job picking such a beautiful hand model! i feel like my fingers must look like ratty sticks compared to theirs.


Christopher Monnier said...

Everyone at my work has cuff bracelets...you know, since I work in such a fashion-forward environment.

Gray cubicles.

Dana said...

if I could wear nothing but cuff bracelets, I totally would! can you make me one big enough to fit around my torso? oh wait, that's a tube top . . .