Wednesday, June 18, 2008

california dreamin'

signs pointing to the fact that we should [win the lottery and/or somehow receive an inheritance to] move to the west coast:

1. michelle and jayson have assured us that emmett would love playing with milo and we actually believe them. for milo's well-being, we should really be as close to them as possible.

2. my mentor at work just went on a trip to palo alto to visit IDEO. we then discussed how great it was that IDEO and Google are so close together. maybe chris and IDEO/Google should also be in that close of proximity.

3. after going to IKEA with mike and dana, i thought of the coconut records song "west coast" for absolutely NO REASON AT ALL. i think this means the ocean was calling my name.

ok, they're really random. but hey, signs are still signs.

fig. 1 potential bff milo + emmett, fig. 2 IDEO studio library, fig. 3 nighttiming album art, fig. 4 me + chris [happily] in SF

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