Monday, June 30, 2008

dead blog

i can't believe i didn't post since last thursday!!! here are some SUPER interesting things i did this weekend:

- cut some contact paper stencils for my screenprinting class at MCAD
- hung out at my local public library
- hosted a camp rock/rock band birthday party for jilly (belated), dana (early) and milo (also early); served devilled eggs and puppy chow
- went and saw WALL-E (and LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED it)
- got our rock band disc fixed at discland (where else?) as we had partied too hard and wrecked the game (*OR* xbox 360 has MAJOR ISSUES that you can read about here)
- found a new chinese buffet for chris
- read kt's lovely italian blog
- took a siesta (not to be confused with a power nap nor a cat nap)

excitement to the Xtreme??? i think so. hopefully you've now learned some new facts through all my links too. YOU'RE WELCOME.

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Christopher Monnier said...

That strip mall on 98th St. in Bloomington is where the cool kids are. We only went into two establishments (Discland and 98 Pound Buffet) and both were way above average for a suburban strip mall.