Friday, April 13, 2012

gotta catch 'em all

my extremely talented friends at paper bicycle have started a fantastic new venture named light grey art lab and i am excited to be one of the 151 artists in their next group show--the pokémon battle royale! all of the artists have put their own personal style on the original 151 pokémon characters so it will definitely be a fun show to see. i had lickitung...and he REALLY wanted some ice cream.

the opening reception is friday april 20th, 7pm at light gray art lab and it's free to attend PLUS there will be refreshments, music and even giveaways! i will only be there in spirit (and artwork), but if you're in the twin cities i hope you will go check it out. (more details here)

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Breja Boles said...

is it possible to purchase a print of this? i absolutely love it