Friday, April 13, 2012

32 on 3/2 and time marches on

i turned 32 this year and went to lunch and dessert at paludan bogcafe and la glace with my favorite expat friends, chris got me a waterproof bookbag from the freitag flagship store in zurich (as a solution to my frequent annoyance with denmark's unpredictable weather), had dinner at the delicious quattro fontane, and got lots of overseas birthday love via facebook, email, and even regular post which just makes me so thankful for all of the wonderful friends and family in my life.

margaret (a friend since 4th grade) came to visit in march as well, and it was really nice. we often say our friendship always starts up where we left off, no matter the amount of time or distance since our last time together...and that's neat to have.

my "golden" year is great so far, wanted to just say a big THANKS!!!

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