Wednesday, September 14, 2011

iva jean rain cape

after living here for over a month now, my biggest tip would be "carry an umbrella AT ALL TIMES." the weather is incredibly unpredictable with showers hitting you out of the blue (literally) on and off throughout the day. i once went into a grocery store for less than 15 minutes and upon exiting had to run home through pouring rain.

we are planning on getting bikes this week (YAY) and how great would it be to have a rain cape like this one to protect you from the elements??? it has so many practical features (TONS of cinching) and looks super cute on too! perfect to wear riding your bike and walking around in this cool fall weather.

good luck to iva jean (and sweet amelia presents :) on daily candy's start small go big--i put in loads of votes for you...fingers crossed!

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