Friday, September 9, 2011

copenhagen design week

we braved the storms and went to various exhibits during copenhagen design week, with this year's theme being "think human." the egg-crate-esque coffin was actually one of the more interesting things i saw. it was a completely different aesthetic than a traditional oak coffin which got me wondering--why aren't there more modern coffin options? will the options be different when WE [knock on wood] pass away? (especially since the egg crate material is biodegradable) i luckily don't know much about the coffin industry, but it was definitely interesting to think about.

i bought this AMAZING notebook from about:blank and i love it! it's an A6 sized notebook that opened flat becomes an A5 size layout, the pages are nice and thick with faint grid lines that aren't visible when photocopying/scanning, and when you tear one page out it doesn't make another page fall out...genius! i love when details are so well thought out. [image from their website]

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Melissa said...

So funny that you mentioned coffins because we just had this huge discussion in my African dress class on Thursday about funeral traditions in Ghana (which are a SUPER huge deal there) and learned about their CRAZY coffin designs. Check out these out: