Tuesday, January 26, 2010

tea party baby shower

i've been friends with lauren and lisa for over 3 years now, so it was only natural for us to celebrate the first pregnancy between us in a big way! lauren and i threw the CUTEST tea party baby shower for lisa that you could imagine (if i do say so myself) i designed the invitations and put a hidden "lisa b" on the tea pot for fun. we had everyone wear pearls and fancy hats and had the most amazing spread of delicious apps and cupcakes. (i baked 65 cupcakes--the most i've ever done in one night) lauren had the sweetest idea of having all the guests bring baby vivienne a tea cup as a keepsake memento and seeing them all together was just adorable. the extremely talented amber was generous enough to take beautiful pictures for us, thank you! :)

vivi is due in 20 days, and i cannot WAIT to meet her!

1. summer 2006 2. shower invitation 3. tea pot close-up 4. lauren and i hosting (photo: amber) 5. becca and kara looking cute (photo: amber) 6. clockwise from top left: tea making station, tea cup collection, lauren's sweet fruit tartlets, vegan/gluten-free chocolate cupcakes, vanilla/cream cheese frosting cupcakes (photo: amber)

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stephanie renee said...

At first I thought this was your baby shower and I was tripping out that I didn't know :) Tell Lisa congrats for me! cutest baby shower ever, especially all the tea cups!!!