Tuesday, July 7, 2009

becca's knitted bike tube

my cute friend becca and i bartered this trade awhile back, but as bikes are currently ruling the summer, i wanted to FINALLY post pictures. she commissioned me to knit her a bike tube for her matte black bike that she built, and i traded her for a 2709 designs bandana (this design is 1 of 2--the other 1 belonging to miss becca jane :) screenprinted with cute bunnies. after i finished knitting, i hand-sewed velcro to the bottom so that it was removable and washable. i added the little white bunny button as a surprise since i know how much she loves little bunnies!

(the fun jumper i'm wearing is a from their voltage line and bought at design collective. bonnie is an amazing seamstress so i love owning something she sewed up, hidden pocket and all!)

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