Tuesday, January 7, 2014

happy 2014!!!

hello, and happy new year!!! hope 2013 ended well and you had a lovely holiday, wherever in the world you were :)

i am SOOO excited to reveal the 2014 calendar collaboration from maeve and i! we had so much fun brainstorming and designing animal friends to adorn your walls. we added space on the printed calendar for notes and made the desktop backgrounds easier on the eyes so your icons no longer get lost. thanks so much to everyone for the calendar love, it makes us happy how involved and excited you are, hugs and high fives from both sides of the sea!

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happy new year // godt nytår!!! xx

printable 2014 calendar (letter size pages)

widescreen desktop wallpaper (january)

standard desktop wallpaper (january)

(this month's adorable polar bear wallpaper was designed by maeve!)

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