Sunday, December 15, 2013

6 degrees [of postcards]

the current show at light grey art lab is the 6 degrees show, and i am fortunate to be one of the artists donning their gallery walls. the theme was to design a postcard showcasing where you live and sending 100 of them to LGAL to be redistributed to all artists involved, so that you have THE BEST MAIL DAY EVER when you get a giant pack of postcards from artists around the world! (photo via LGAL)

i styled my artwork to mimic minimalistic vintage scandinavian design and drew my color palette from the always lovely nyhavn. i wish i could be there in person to check it out, but to all my minneapolis friends, be sure to stop by--it'll be up until january 17th. (and feel free to show some copenhagen love by buying a print here tak!)

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