Friday, August 30, 2013


this year we took a summer holiday to the southern danish island of ærø and it was lovely!

the houses were colorful and cozy, lining cobblestone roads. the countryside and coastlines were beautiful and we saw farms and loppedmarkets (flea markets) selling antiques and fresh produce--often with honor system pricing! (everyone is very trusting)

we only went to the beach once and it was sooo windy and cold...but oliver is so acclimated to danish climate and loved going in the water, teeth chattering away. we ate amazing sea food (smoked oysters NOT from a can) and fresh baked goods, took bike rides and long walks, cooked food and baked cookies in the most charming tiny house, knit while watching movies, played board games while it might not have been the tropical island holiday i imagined it would be (no, i don't know why i thought an island in denmark would be tropical) but it was a REALLY nice holiday and i can't wait to go back someday!

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